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By: Kathy Winter | Date: Aug 31, 2011 |
Bless you, sweet little angel.

By: Dana Krempels | Date: Dec 14, 2010 |
You will live on in all our hearts, Glenna.

By: Shampa | Date: Dec 13, 2010 |
Glenna, very few of us "honorary rabbit" friends could have showed the grace, poise, courage, and fortitude and you had in the face of such cruelty and the greatest of misfortunes. We humans have lot to learn from bunnies like you. Your beautiful, sparkling spirit will never be forgotten. I am grateful that at least towards the end, you had the love, comfort, and care you always deserved. I really wish I had known you, but I love you anyway.

By: Kim | Date: Nov 17, 2010 |
Hi Glenna, you were such a strong brave girl and you didn't give up easily. Hope you will finally find peace and hopping happily over the rainbow bridge

By: Sue and her kids | Date: Nov 17, 2010 |
To the loving family of Glenna:

I read your story and it easily moved me to tears. Thank God there are people like you out there, that work towards good in the hope of canceling out evil. My 14 rescue bunnies have been through a lot, but when they come to me, they are 'renewed.' This is their last stop, they have been through enough, so this is where they peacefully and happily spend the remainder of their lives. My thoughts are with you. Thank you for all you did for Glenna.

By: Shauna | Date: Nov 15, 2010 |
It is unbelievable that people are capable of such utter cruelty towards living things. However, for every person that abuses and neglects animals, there are more people who love them more than anything and will do anything to make their lives more comfortable, no matter how bad their condition is. Thank you so much for helping this poor little bunny, and thank you to everyone who devotes their time and money to caring for these sorts of tragic cases. Bless you.

By: baby,amy.bella,melvin | Date: Nov 15, 2010 |
reading of how strong this little bunny was even passing through so much pain and problems.bring tears to my eyes,i just can't believe that anyone can mistreat and abandon a bunny so much.thank god she found someone to help her and have pitty of her to the end.god bless her and give her peace.

By: Tancill, Bammer and Misha | Date: Nov 6, 2010 |
Thank heavens there were people who felt pity and love for this poor creature. All of us who know well the value of a rabbit cannot help but shed a tear for what Glenna had to endure, especially because we know there are so many who are even less fortunate.

We are just so happy that Glenna got to experience a little love, comfort and caring during a tough life. Thanks for everyone who helped make that possible.

By: Squeaky and Butch | Date: Oct 9, 2010 |
Glenna dear. We heard about you and wanted to say hello to you on the Other Side. You had such courage while you were here. We hope that we have half as much when it is our time. Somebun has been visiting us from the Other Side. Mom thinks that it might be Molly. Mom saw another bun like you with one ear at the Arlington shelter. She looks as if she is doing well. Lots of love and hugs, Butch and Squeaks.

By: The Orzolek family | Date: Oct 5, 2010 |
Glenna, we shed many tears for you both out of sorrow for what you endured and out of joy for the honor of having known you. If only more people had the strength and courage of little Glenna. She is an inspiration and will never be forgotten. It's amazing the impact that such a small creature can have on so many people. It is truly a testament to her will. She will always be the Empress.

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