The Beautiful Earless Glenna of Bright Eyes Sanctuary

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By: Niblet | Date: Sep 21, 2010 |
Such a special, brave little girl with the most amazing spirit! Your story has touched so many hearts. Seeing you in your videos just shows how much love you had to give in spite of all the difficulties you faced in your life. I'm so glad that you did have the opportunity to finally receive love and affection and tender care, even though only for a short time. You will be missed. Binky freely, sweet little one!

By: Lorena | Date: Sep 13, 2010 |
Beautiful Glenna, your story touched my heart, and made me cry.

You truly were a trooper...actually you still are. Claiming your spot on the bridge with your gorgeous crown.
Long live your memory and your courage.

By: Ann | Date: Sep 13, 2010 |
Oh, Glenna-bun. You were an inspiration. The way you left us was so like the way my Tidbit left that it broke my heart all over again. May you binky free from pain in endless fields of dandelion and clover.

By: The Plan B Bunneez | Date: Sep 13, 2010 |
Some rabbits are just too valiant to die. So, we see you at the Bridge, mistress of a new domain, confident, proud, and whole again.

Our mom's heart goes out to your devoted caretakers -- what gaping holes must be left in their huge hoomin hearts. How you must have enriched their lives!!

By: Erika | Date: Sep 11, 2010 |
Glenna was inspiring. Rest in peace sweet angel bunny.

By: Sara Jo Culler | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |
God bless dear Glenna, and God bless all the wonderful people who have cared so much about and for her.

By: D'Artagnan and Momma | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |
Sweet Glenna ~ You have touched my Momma and me with your determination, strength and courage. Your impact was palpable, and we are all better for knowing your story. I look forward to binkying with you at the Rainbow Bridge. At the Rainbow Bridge, you will continue to find the same love you felt at Bright Eyes Sanctuary!

By: Sgt. Pepper, Col. Mustard & Mr. Bungle | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |
Sweet Glenna, you are such an inspiration, dancing in spite of all the hardship you experienced...hardship which no rabbit ever deserves. We can tell that you have deeply touched the lives of those who knew you and we hope you are at rest where you are.

By: Lynn and Witchy bunny | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |
You courage is a lesson to all. Be at peace you have earned your rest and happiness......You were a blessing to us all.

By: Belinda Talkington | Date: Sep 7, 2010 |
Glenna, I have told your story to so many that you are legend to my friends & family. When I face obstacles from now on, I will think of you and face them head-on, chin up and fearless as you did. Please say hi to all my friends up there, I think of them daily. And Patti, you are special, thank you for Glenna's last year.

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