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By: Joanne | Date: Sep 5, 2010 |
Glenna, your story touched my heart. I wept tears of joy and tears of deep sadness. May your next journey be pain free and full of love.

By: christina | Date: Sep 4, 2010 |
What a champion you were/are Glenna. Your story made me snuggle my 5 furry kids a little more today. Godspeed on your journey baby girl. May you find friendship, green fields to nibble and peace.

By: Marlene | Date: Sep 4, 2010 |
Glenna, you are a bunny hero for overcoming so much adversity and pain; and how you were found is heart wrenching. God only knows what else you had to endure. How anyone could toss a precious treasure like you out to slowly die is incomprehensible. However hard they tried, the cruel humans could never break your spirit. God led wonderful people to your rescue. You won all of life's battles before God took you. We love you brave wonderful Glenna.

By: Gerry | Date: Sep 4, 2010 |
Dear are a special bunny and an inspiration to everyone.
I am happy that you did finally get the love and care that you so deserved.
May you rest in will not be forgotten.

By: LaRay | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear sweet baby. May you always remember the good we pitiful humans did for you, and forget the bad. May your eternity be filled with joy, freedom, and binkies as far as the eye can see. May your story continue to inspire bunny mammas and pappas forever. You are such a wonderful example of strength and love. Carry on little sweet one.

By: Becky | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Tears came to my ears when I read you had crossed the rainbow bridge. You are truly at peace now.

By: Krystin Hicks | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
You are an inspiration to all bunnies and bunny slaves out there. Your story touched my heart. What a sweetie you will always be. Bless you where ever you may be. Please say "hi" to our beloved Belle for us. We miss her every day!
Lots of love and binkies,
Krystin, Tobey and Alliey

By: Kathy | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |

Your determination and vitality were inspiring and made the world a happier place for me. Thank you for being your quirky, amazing self. Carry on, and look for my dear departed bunnies, Tugnutt and Lightnin. I miss you.

By: Frossula | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Sweet Glenna! My eyes are having tears after I read your story. It is too late now, but I love you and think of you. Like any other bunny, you brought happiness in people's hearts, and YES you were a queen. If you find my bunnies, Asproula, Precious, JC, Princess and Annabelle, be friends. I love you all.

By: Sandra | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dearest Glenna,

You are the pillar of strength, what we would all like to be each and every day. When adversity hit, you carried on and never gave up. You met each challenge fearlessly with strength and heart never giving in or giving up. Your spirit will continue to live in the hearts of all your friends. May you never feel pain again. Be at peace special little bunny.

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