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By: Tom | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
You touched so many, so quickly. As we read your story, the princess of my house said we had to help. We watched your progress and hoped for you. We will finally meet when the world is remade into paradise.

By: Sara | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Glenna had such a strong will to live and be happy. She will be very missed. I'm crying as I write this but I know she will be happy at the other side of the rainbow.

By: Nancy | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Many of us fell in love with Glenna and learned to take better care of our own rabbits through her.

A special tribute to Glenna by the now "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Hawaiian ukelele artist of greatness, Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole:

The voice of an angel for Glenna.

By: Babette Walsh | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Precious Glenna, what a sad and heartbreaking story. I'm so so sorry that you had such a hard life. However, you are such an inspiration to all buns as well as their owners. I hope you are at peace now and doing lots of binkies with all the other buns that have crossed over. Love you.

By: Tammy | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Glenna you are a truly amazing bunny. As a bunny mama to many I can not understand how someone could have mistreated you. You are a beautiful girl and I hope you are at peace at the bridge. Binky Free Little One.

By: amanda | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Glenna your story reminds me of the knowledge that the people who face the most hardships and trials are truly the strongest. They have the power to overcome. You will always be the strong queen you are, but you are more than deserving of rest. Relax, play, and binky all day. And don't forget to indulge in plenty of yummy veggies!

By: jessica lynn | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Your story touched my heart as a new bunny owner. While magazines and books have taught me how to feed and play with my rabbit, your story has taught me how to truly love and value my rabbit's life. I wish you the best of times at the rainbow bridge. Say hi to my old hamsters-Betty and Veronica, and say hi to my old dog Chelsea. Don't worry she's a good dog. Thorbert (my rabbit) and I send our love to you from Texas. Rest peacefully your highness.
Jessica and Thorbert

By: Sarabbit A. | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear, beautiful, wonderful Glenna; your story of pure strength and determination was tearfully inspiring. For all the terrible hells you endured in your sweet life, for all the trials you were subjected to, you always came out the winner. Your scars made you perfect. Though tears spill from my eyes as I write this, I truly wish you the most joyous binkies in the world be yours now. I hope you like your new, shining ears & carrot-crunching teeth, baby girl... Love for you, Glenna.

By: vicki | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear Glenna,
My wish is that you are binkying away up there and having a grand ol' time...please say hi to my loves Snowbee, Sadie, James, + my tiny Santee Alley babies that are dying every day. Glenna, I know that when we get to heaven, God gives us perfect bodies, and I know you'll get yours. But I think your crown empress ears should stay with you, because they are as beautiful as you were! Hopefully I will get to groom you one day as I want to be a groomer at the rainbow Bridge! Love vicki

By: Shelley, Chester and Milo | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear Glenna,

You are so strong and brave baby girl. I am amazed by your tenacity and will to live and your willingness to to love even after after that happened to you. Darling girl, you are in a better place and the lesson you taught us, to fight to survive, will not have been wasted. You are loved, even by those of us who were never privileged to have met you in person. Rest in peace baby girl xxoo

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