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By: Patrice Pop | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
To echo earlier sentiments, you are the embodiment of the very characteristics that capture our hearts again and again in each bunny rabbit we encounter. Now that you are healthy and whole once more, I hope you won't spend all your days in the bunny enclave over there, but share your light and strength with all the animals.
You are inspiring. You are missed by many here.
You touched many a heart with your grace and courage. X

By: Swati | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear Glenna
Your story touched me so much. You are very special indeed. May you rest in peace little one.

By: Ron | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Rest in peace little one. I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

By: Renee Scoville | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Sweet little Bun the world will miss you but I'm so happy that you got a second chance and got to experience love,friendship and companionship the last year of your little life. Your soul is ready to be free, you taught the world courage and that life is worth the fight and you were rewarded with love & the gift of a family and now you have earned your empress the heavens are yours!

By: Todd Robinson | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Glenna was a true fighter in every sense of the word. Now she has taken her fighting spirit to another place but at least now she has it beat!

May Glenna rest in peace.

By: Michelle | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
My sweet Glenna - I fell in love with you over the internet and somehow a piece of you belonged to me. Now that you're gone, I feel a deep sense of sadness. If anyone deserved a beautiful life of love and happiness it was you But you didn't leave this world without making a difference and touching the hearts of all who knew you and we shall never forget your beautiful spirit. Binky free sweet Glenna! The Rainbow Bridge is all the more brighter with you there....

By: Heather | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Sweet, Glenna. I read about you before and was sad to see you passed. You can become friends with my sweet Ramone who passed on June 17 of this year. He will welcome you with open paws. RIP, Glenna. Much hugs, snuggles, and love.

By: Amy Mott | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dearest Glenna,
You were obviously a special girl and I know so many will miss you forever. Rest in eternal peace, little angel!

By: Terry Wagner | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Oh my. Tears are pouring over the loss of such a sweet, strong and tough little lady.
My heart goes out to all those who's lives she touched and now must face a new day without her.
She is safe now is the Goddess's garden, playing, hopping, romping and kicking!
Keep her memory alive - never forget - she was here to teach us a lesson about being strong!

By: Suzanne | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
My heart is saddened and tears run wild, with the passing of you, Glenna, a beautiful little earless girl. Rest in peace, Your Majesty, Miss Glenna, for you are now free to be...and behind, you leave your dedicated and saddened caretaker who will continue her arduous work to help and comfort those that come her way.
With Love, Katie, Scarlett, Willow and Suz

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