Why It's Important and What Will Happen If You Don't Do It...
Your Rabbit Will Go into GI Stasis and Die.

Here's Puff. Pretty much overnight he started looking like a Chia pet. To even get started on him, we gently plucked the tufts of fur out with our fingers.

Here's what he looked like after gentle plucking. Notice he has huge bald spots! This is ok, it didn't hurt him to pluck it out and new fur will grow in pretty quick. Just make sure they're in a soft-edged environment.

Here's a close-up of the bald spit on his back and rump. He's a Himalayan and he is just a very heavy-coated rabbit. His fur is also unbelievably soft. Perhaps he has a little mini-rex in him.

Still So Much Fur!!!

Here's Puff one month after the photo above was taken. His bald butt has grown in nicely but you can see he still has an awful lot of fur hanging off him in clumps almost ready to come off.

The fur here is has been very gently plucked and also combed with the Hair Buster.

At last he looks almost groomed after one month and multiple plucking, combing, and brushing. All of his incredibly soft fur is stuffed tight in a plastic bag. We will probably put it in bird houses outside for their nesting material, it is so soft and too precious to waste.

Here's Kandy Kiss, also very heavy-coated rabbit and nearly 15 years old! She is also Puff's mate. She weighs only 1.5 lbs. We used the Furminator on her once a week for three weeks and got this much fur off each time!

Here's Emily, another very heavy-coated rabbit. We used the Furminator on her once a week for three weeks and alsp got this much fur off each time!

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