Recommended Vets in Your Area?

You wouldn't take a Saab, VW, Audi, BMW, or Mercedes to any mechanic would you? No, you'd take them to a European import specialist! Well rabbits are domesticated from the European wild rabbit. There are no American rabbits except for the highly endangered Pygmy rabbit (about 50 left), those 'cottontails' are hares - a different species and cannot interbreed with true rabbits.

A real rabbit vet has had special training or interned with the top exotic specialists. The vets listed below are the top rabbit vets in the mid-Atlantic and their practice is nearly entirely rabbits - how many vets can say that?. Take good care of your sporty little racer, take your rabbit to one of them. Any vet will treat your rabbit and hand you a bill, but only a true rabbit vet will be able to save their lives. These vets have saved the lives of Bright Eyes Sanctuary's animals time and again when they've either came in injured or ill or developed life-threatening conditions. Don't gamble with your bunny's life - they're worth a little extra driving.

Rockville - Gaithersburg

Dr. Lisa Carr, Maryland Exotics, P.O. Box 83353 Gaithersburg, MD 20883 240-687-1414

Northern Virginia

Drs. Scott Stahl and David Crum, SEAVS
Stahl's Exotic Animal Veterinary Associates, 4105 Rust Rd., Fairfax, VA 703-281-3750


Dr. Keith Gold, Chadwell Animal Hospital, 3004 Emmorton Rd., Abingdon, MD 21009 443-512-8338

Internet Hay, Toys Treats, and more!



American Pet Diner, Oxbow Hay, Binky Bunny, more!

Internet Hay Resources

Farmer Dave's
Some nice "local" hay, it's shipped from upstate NY so the shipping isn't as outrageous as some. The 2nd cutting with clover is lovely but it is a little higher calorie.

Bunny Bales
This is the most neon green hay you'll find. It is well worth the price of shipping and cost. But remember, bunnies need variety! Variety is the spice of life :-)

American Pet Diner
Super premium hay, treats and toys. We love APD!

Busy Bunny
Things for the discerning chewer. Check out the willow stuff, peeled and unpeeled. But buy it from our store and help our BES bunnies!

Oxbow Hay
Always green timmy hay, always yummy, just always the same so be sure to try a variety of grass hays for your bun.

Leith Petwerks
Purveyors of accessories for the discerning rabbit family

Resources for the Reader


Rabbit Health in the 21st Century
by Kathy Smith

This book has saved us hundreds, no thousands, of dollars because when we went to the vet, we went to the right vet, we knew what questions to ask and we knew how to ask them and then we had a reference for the home supportive care we needed to give. If you want to keep your rabbit around for a long time and you truly mean well, you should know this book by heart. If you can't find a copy on the Amazon link above, . We often have this book in inventory.

When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care:
Traditional and Alternative Healing Methods
by Lucile Moore & Kathy Smith

This book spans the life of your rabbit from birth, with generous amounts of modern information on house rabbit care, to the last moments of the rabbit's time here on Earth. Included is everything from holistic healing, animal communication, to the latest and most humane and effective treatments available for any rabbit illness. And it includes the story of our amazing Sanctuary bun, Rebecca.

House Rabbit Handbook, Fourth Edition
by Marinell Harriman

Lots of good info from HRS founder, Marinell Harriman. Articles from the House Rabbit Journal, and updated into a Fourth Edition. A nice starter book but the previous mentioned books are more advanced (above). However, for the new and experienced rabbit slave, all of them are must-reads!

Rabbit References
A compendium of rabbit info on the web. All of it vetted and the bad advice sorted out.

Recommended Housing Ideas

Our rabbits enjoy palatial accomodations at hostel prices - we'll even build one of these for the rabbit you're adopting, keep checking back to see our designer line! Check out what we've done and what other adopters have done in the past.

We can offer you the best tips and instructions for these cages to do yourself or we'll do it for you and the proceeds will benefit our foster rabbits.

We also have SPECIALS on custom-cage assembly to encourage rabbit adoptions of harder-to-adopt rabbits!

If you insist on making a commercial purchase, we do have minimum housing dimension (particularly heigth) requirements and we do NOT recommend the Marchioro line for rabbits over 2lbs. We only rehome very small rabbits in this type of cage or use donated ones for shelter rabbits to recover from spays and neuters so they can't move around too easily which they can't because these cages are TOO SMALL!

If you don't agree, then read what scientists have to say about their research rabbits. Surely, a pet rabbit should receive care and have housing that is above and beyond what a laboratory rabbit receives!

Bright Eyes Sanctuary

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