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By: June Booth | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear Glenna,
Once again you have proved that bunnies can teach us so very much about life. Your courage and nonchalance in the face of adversity remind me so of another bunny named Melly Grace. We were privleged to live with Melly who had your wisdom and she too taught us about life. I know you are now wearing two upright beautiful ears and meeting my Melly. Thank you for showing us mere humans how to live gracefully. You will never be forgotten.

By: Angie Breeden | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear Glenna,

You are one strong little bunny. You inspire me to give the best care to the little bunnies I am custodian to. I am grieving the world's loss of you but know that you are at peace.

Remember there are always angels who watch over the sparrows as well as the kings.

By: Mishelle and Pancakes the bunny | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Beautiful Glenna, I was so sorry to hear of your passing. You fought such a battle; you are an inspiration to bunnies everywhere and to the humans who love them. Your spirit will live on in those of us who were so touched by your story. Many binkies and much love to you!

By: Patti Henningsen | Date: Sep 3, 2010 |
Dear Glenna, you have taught me so much about facing the obstacles life has to offer. Your example of courage and nonchalance in the face of adversity will inspire me for many, many years. Your dominant yet entirely benevolent personality are what we should all aspire to. Thank you for the honor of having been your devoted friend and servant. I tried to never let you down. Now don't let me down, kick up some dust over that rainbow, and above all, be at peace my friend. I love you.

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